Protecting What
Matters Most
This letter serves as my highest recommendation of Dawnyel Smink and her company Canyon Lands Insurance.

Orchard Medical Consulting values our long standing relationship with her as our insurance partner in business. Dawnyel is a uniquely knowledgeable and skilled hands-oninsurance professional and business owner. She is strong of character, highly ethical and aperson with whom one can trust with great responsibility.

If you desire further information of my business relationship with Dawnyel Smink and Canyon Lands Insurance please do not hesitate to contact me.

Robin Orchard
Robin Orchard, RN, CCM
Our relationship with Canyon Lands Insurance has been a wonderful 5+ years. It has been an amazing experience to work with responsive people on their team who have helped in many areas. We have a lot of projects that need Certificates of Insurance so we can get onsite and start a job. Our projects usually are asked to begin within a few days, so it has been a vital partnership having Canyon Lands Insurance providing all the certificates promptly and correctly. They support not only the company’s insurance needs, but our employees’ families and the charities we support as well. Canyon Lands sponsored a “Tossin Away ALS Cornhole Tournament” during the fall that we put on and not only did they sponsor it monetarily, but they supported it by sending teams to participate in the fun filled day.

Kayle Hawes
Administrative Vice President